Tyler Austin

Freedom, Unity, Sovereignty

Media Blackout / My Ask to YOU

Our lives have been turned upside down by unaccountable, unelected officials. In Westminster, we’ve endured a years-long battle to maintain sovereignty over our schools because an appointed official in Montpelier implemented a hare-brained school consolidation plan. We very nearly had a carbon tax because an appointed committee decided it would be a good idea to make it harder and more expensive to burn fuel to stay warm in winter. We had our businesses, churches, and schools shut down because of the diktats of unelected federal and state officials. And now they’re recommending a commission to run childcare in the state…what could possibly go wrong?!

I’m not a politician, so I don’t make campaign promises. But I do say this; that this knowledge and disdain for the administrative state inform my thinking and actions, and I will form coalitions with other representatives to advance actions to dismantle all of these unelected positions.

Vermonters have been characterized as self-reliant, tolerant of our neighbors, and taciturn. Christmas Day 19, my uncle broke his hip while on ski patrol at Stowe, and my parents and grandparents were having Christmas dinner, when they got a call from the hospital saying my uncle was in surgery. Around the table, nobody said a word.

When a tree falls in the woods, and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a noise? When Republicans hold a debate in Windham County, and, despite numerous invitations, NO MEDIA covers it, does it make a noise? When I write an editorial linking the Second Amendment, China, the W.H.O, World Economic Forum, Canada and covid, and The Commons refuses to publish it, does it make a noise? When local print media refuses to publish meeting times and dates for Republicans, do they meet?

Yes, my fellow citizens. All these events DO make noise, and thanks to the internet, we can spread it far and wide, should we so choose.

I am actually heartened by these actions by media. If we were not dangerous to the institutions in power, and the people appointed to represent them, they would not have so much concern as to completely shut us out of the conversation. If we were crazy and our ideas had no merit, they could be filtered out in the democratic (small “d”) market of ideas. But we are so legitimate, and they are so vulnerable, that they cannot dare to even let us be heard among ourselves, let alone the populace at large. So they try to keep us quiet, thinking we have no chance; that we are vastly outnumbered and should just stay home and shut up.

But, in my bones, I do not believe this is so.

I believe we are tired of our children being tortured (yes it IS torture to have to ingest, via mask wearing, one’s own waste nonstop for at least eight hours a day), indoctrinated, groomed, and chemically and physically castrated, without parental notification.

We have seen the over-reach of government, state and local levels, as it uses the unconstitutional excuse of a “State of Emergency” to dictate with whom we can gather, where to stand, and what to wear, and what to have put into our bodies. My body my choice, right??? And how do you like “contact tracing”? Ready for the next steps?

We have as a community, suffered at the whims of unelected bureaucrats, who tell us where our children can go to school. And that we can’t burn wood in winter (kudos for the Scott veto, staving off that ludicrousness, for the moment). And now Montpelier is saying we need a new board of appointees to regulate and run childcare in the state. What could possibly go wrong?….

Oh, and let’s give state money to Ukraine, while we’re at it. Just because. While we’re at it, let’s give non-citizens the franchise in Vermont, and send them, and any other non-Republican who has ever lived at any address in the state, a mail-in ballot. And selectively discard Act 250 to build housing for them. And on and on, ad infinitum.

Read the positions of the Windham-3 incumbent on these issues. Have we had enough?

It is my heartfelt belief that we Vermonters have stoically suffered these insults, indignities and usurpations long enough, and are ready, in our own quiet, yet resolute way, to take remedial action. I would be honored and humbled to be considered worthy by my fellow citizens to represent Windham-3 (Westmister, Rockingham, and Brookline) as we awaken to the magnitude of the tasks at hand.

Given the political climate in our community, this campaign, to quote Gil Scott Heron, “will not be televised”.

There will not be yard signs, as they are expensive and will, with history as our guide, be swiftly removed and vandalized or destroyed. They’re a blight anyway.

There will be no organized letters of support to the Editor, for, as a cursory glance at the local press shows, those letters will not be published.

And I AM NOT ASKING FOR MONEY! We have technology that makes campaigning possible, even superior, without all the expensive, wasteful, annoying cliche’s bombarding your mailboxes en route to recycling bins and landfills.

I AM asking for your ACTION. If, as you read this you find yourself an any way emotionally moved to action, PLEASE SHARE THIS WEBSITE and promote the vote in Windham-3, November 8, 2022. Register, get people off the couch to register, and show up and vote on Gameday, Tuesday, November 8th.

Feel free to contact me at Taustin@TaustinVT.com.

Thank you.

Let’s win this.

Tyler Austin