Tyler Austin

Freedom, Unity, Sovereignty

About Tyler

I have deep roots in Vermont. My grandparents’ house on East Avenue in Burlington was razed (ironically enough) to create more room for Fletcher Allen Medical Center. My great great uncles (Forbes) returned to Thetford after serving in the Shenandoah Valley in the Civil War.

We go further back–even beyond my ancestor Isaac Robinson, who owned a 100-acre farm in what is now Bennington in the early 1800s.  Isaac died at age 50 from injuries sustained from being kicked by a horse. His widow, Mary, wanted to continue living and working on their land.  However, according to an account in the public records, “She would not consent to selling the farm until political parties whom (sic) wanted to buy the farm annoyed and tormented her in every way possible, as for instance, they would catch her geese and pick them and finally one morning she went out to find her finest gander with a stake driven thry (sic) his back, pinning him to the ground.”

Now we get upset when someone pulls our yard signs.

I have no use for the political class. I harbor long-felt animosity toward their means, methods, and motivations. Yet here I am, because now there is no choice.

I earned a self-designed Bachelors degree, from Penn State University, titled. “Evolutionary Adaptations to Human-induced Environmental Stresses”. I studied the hard sciences, including organic chemistry, as well as biology, ecology, taxonomy, plant evolution, population dynamics, technology and society, political science, and economics. I then worked in newsrooms, when newspapers were a thing. I’ve taught anatomy and physiology at a post-secondary level, and can decompress your cranium. After working in the renewable energy (solar) and conservation (certified building envelope inspector) fields, I now work in financial services, primarily helping small and medium-sized businesses collect payments and find access to capital. So, I work. I have a mortgage. My work allows me the flexibility to be able to run for and serve in elected office.

My breadth and depth of knowledge in this wide range of subjects allows me to understand the topics influencing public policy, particularly at the state level. In matters of regulation of our internal and external environments we are now in uniquely perilous times.

Because now we are experiencing the effects of having a technocracy (the “experts”) dictating how our lives are to be controlled. And if we don’t have the appropriate background in science, without being beholden to the providers of funding for the institutions that pay for that “science”, we are VERY vulnerable to being misdirected.

I approach technocracy with skepticism. Have proper longitudinal studies been conducted? What are the confidence intervals? Have the variables been isolated? Are the results peer-reviewed by non-biased scientists? What is the degree of uncertainty? What are the possible second, third, and fourth order effects? I haven’t heard these questions regarding our latest fear-based legislative narratives; have you?

Journal of Virology study shows DECREASED immune after covid vaccination

I will ask these questions. And when we experience the real fallout from the covid policies in this state, I will be on the front lines of the Boards of Enquiry, asking the questions we have been systematically prevented from posing since January of 2020. If there was malfeasance, there will be accountability.

40% increase in US mortality, according to insurance company, military data

I am running for this office with the primary intent to defend and reclaim the freedoms we all used to take for granted–freedom of speech, freedom to worship, freedom of association, freedom to continue to burn wood to warm our houses in winter, medical freedom, and free and fair elections.  But I can’t do this without your help.

I don’t want your money.   But I do need you to join the effort, to become a force multiplier in any way you can, so the citizens of Westminster, Rockingham, and Brookline who have common sense will again have a voice in Montpelier.

Please take time to learn more about how I think about issues by reading the posts on my home page.   We don’t have to agree on everything–but if you believe in protecting the FREEDOM, UNITY, and SOVEREIGNTY of the citizens of Vermont, please do what you can to spread the word about my campaign, and get yourself–and people you know who also care about these things–to the polls (in person, if possible) to vote on November 8th.

Thank you for your precious time and attention.

Tyler Austin